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Why Star Floors


Our team has a passion for Senior Living Communities and the comfort of your residents. We visit and understand the unique needs of each community and recognize the specialized care required when working in occupied, redeveloped, and/or renovated areas. Our specialists understand residential, commercial, and hospitality products and will consult you on solutions for your flooring and installation needs.


•       The existing StarFloors room turn process can provide a 72 hour installation cycle on a high number of transactions, regrardless of size, nationwide.

•       We currently processes over 50,000 orders per year.

•       StarFloors is one of the largest purchasers of flooring materials in the US, which drives lower costs and improved service efficiencies.

•       We have a superior relationship with all leading manufacturers of flooring products.

•       StarFloors has the ability to drive logistical support, product expertise and exceptional response times.

•       Our quality control teams randomly inspect installations at Senior Living and Elderly Care communities.

•       Our inspections include rigid compliance of manufacturing and installation specifications.

•       StarFloors will provide your communities with continuous education to ensure usage of state of the art materials, sundries and technologies.

•       Scheduled and ongoing interaction and performance reviews of your community's approved product manufacturers.